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April 22
Daryl Grisgraber
“There is nowhere to bury people in Aleppo anymore. The public gardens are all full of bodies.” A Syrian doctor told my colleague and me this when we met him in Turkey a few weeks ago. He described his life in a Syrian village during the months before he fled. He stayed as long as he could to help with the enormous medical needs, but in the end, the targeting of hospitals, doctors, and patients finally forced him to leave.


The southeast provinces of Turkey, on the Syrian border, are home to hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees. Most of these refugees are struggling to get by and trying to avoid having to go into a camp. The Turkish government is in the process of registering Syrians, but those who have not yet become “official” are not eligible for government assistance.


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In September 2013, fighting between the Armed Forces of the Philippines and a Muslim rebel group in the port city of Zamboanga on Mindanao forced 120,000 people - primarily minority Muslims - to flee. More than a year later, tens of thousands remain displaced, living in deplorable conditions.