President’s Corner: Giving Thanks with Refugees

By Kenneth Bacon

Thanksgiving is the warmest of holidays.  It is uncomplicated by gift-giving or getting and uncluttered by a round of holiday parties.  It revolves, quite simply, around sharing a meal with family and friends and giving thanks for them and other blessings.   

Take Action! Tell President-Elect Obama to Support Iraqi Refugees

By Megan Fowler
You can help Refugees International urge President-elect Obama to support millions of displaced Iraqis as he crafts a new U.S. policy for Iraq.

Colombia: Facing the Consequences of Displacement

By Andrea Lari
Forced displacement in Colombia caused by armed conflict between leftist rebel groups, paramilitary narco-criminal gangs and the Colombian armed forces continues to be a serious tragedy for hundreds of thousands of Colombian citizens.

No Man's Land: Iraqi-Palestinians in Al Tanf Camp

By Joel Charny

Al Tanf camp for Palestinian refugees from Iraq has to be in the top five of worst situated refugee camps in the world. It violates every principle of proper camp siting.

DR Congo: Who is to Blame?

By Erin Weir

Violence re-erupted in the North Kivu province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo on the evening of October 26th and the redisplacement of tens, and then hundreds of thousands of people began.

President’s Corner: Violence in DRC Represents Challenge for Africom

By Kenneth Bacon

The violence and displacement in the eastern Congo illustrate the type of security vacuum that over time the U.S. can help address through its new Africa Command.

Humanitarian Reform and the Obama Administration

By Joel Charny

The list of international challenges for President-elect Obama is lengthy, and humanitarian reform is nowhere near the top. Nonetheless, the advent of his administration presents an opportunity to rethink the way the United States approaches humanitarian response in a number of key areas.

President’s Corner: Obama, Darfur, Refugees and Diplomacy

By Kenneth Bacon

All around the world people want to know how American policy will change when Barack Obama becomes president.  I expect greater U.S. engagement on two humanitarian crises—Darfur and Iraqi displacement.

Colombia: New Policy Options for a New Administration

By Andrea Lari
As I sit here on the eve of the U.S. elections, I can recall only one exchange of opinions on Colombia between the Presidential candidates.