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Stateless in Bangladesh: The Rohingya's Ongoing Plight

Bangladesh is one of the poorest countries in the world following decades of natural disasters, famines, civil war and over-population.  It has also hosted the hundreds of thousands of stateless Rohingya refugees for over three decades. Refugees International assessed the situation of unregistered Rohingya refugees who have been living in eastern Bangladesh without assistance and legal protection. The Rohingyas’ plight has only worsened due to the government of Bangladesh’s tightening of restrictions on NGOs assisting the Rohingya. The Bangladesh government must improve protection of the Rohingya by permitting aid agencies to assist both refugees and impoverished local communities, as well as to develop a registration process for the unregistered population.
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This food stall belies the fact that malnutrition among unregistered refugees is very high. Many refugees risk arrest when they illegally collect firewood, beg and as day laborers to survive and do not have enough cash to afford a nutritious diet.