Thein Sein Should Send Suu Kyi to Rakhine

By Melanie Teff

This article originally appeared in The Bangkok Post.

Aung San Suu Kyi has been more successful in mobilising Myanmar's people for change than any figure in recent history. Through her perseverance, she convinced her compatriots that with time, effort and unity of purpose, reform really was possible. The odds were long, but eventually she won and was proved right.

Mali: A Strategic Minefield for the Security Council

By Michael Boyce

This post originally appeared at UN Dispatch.

Fall of Goma Shows MONUSCO's Failings

By Caelin Briggs

At 4:00am on Saturday, the rebel group known as M23 attacked the town of Kibumba in North Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo. Equipped with new night vision goggles and 120mm mortars, the rebels quickly overwhelmed the Congolese army (FARDC) and United Nations peacekeeping forces defending the town, which sits just outside the provincial capital of Goma.

Hidden Victims: Mali’s Internally Displaced People

By Alice Thomas

This post originally appeared at Think Africa Press.

In a darkly-lit house on a dusty, garbage-strewn street on the outskirts of Bamako, an elderly couple and a man in a white robe are seated on the floor. Amadou, the owner of the home, is approximately 70 years old and a retired gardener. He says that since rebels took over northern Mali last April, 16 members of his extended family have come to live with him, having been forced to flee their hometown of Timbuktu.

DC Circle Highlights RI's Work for Syrian Refugees

By Refugees International

Mariella Trager serves as chair of Refugees International's Washington Circle.

By Mariella Trager

Friends of Refugees International came together on Thursday, October 25, at the beautiful Mexican Cultural Institute in Washington, DC. Around 100 people gathered for the luncheon, where they explored the ongoing displacement crisis in Syria and RI’s advocacy efforts there.

Burma Raises Prospect of Rohingya Citizenship

By Sarnata Reynolds
In an interview with The Hindu newspaper this week, Burmese Minister of Information U Ang Kyi said that his government is attempting to address the ongoing violence in Rakhine State through the development of a "win-win solution for all stakeholders." Acknowledging that treating the stateless Rohingya as trespassers was an underlying problem that needed to be addressed, he said the government was considering a process whereby “third-generation” R

Syrian Refugees: Who Will Tell Their Story?

By Refugees International

Michael Hawkins is Secretary of the Board of Refugees International. Mr. Hawkins visited Syrian refugees in Jordan as part of RI's most recent mission to the region.

By Michael Hawkins

Syrian Refugees Face a Difficult Winter

By Daryl Grisgraber

This post originally appeared on The Hill's Congress Blog.

When you think of getting ready for winter in D.C., it seems straightforward enough: you pull out a heavier coat, a hat and gloves; throw a comforter on the bed; and set the climate control to 68 degrees. Quick and simple, right? But for the hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees who are receiving humanitarian assistance, winter is a much more ominous prospect.

For Syrian Refugees, Life at Home May Be Hell, But Camps Are No Haven

By Marcy Hersh

This post originally appeared at UN Dispatch.

Hannan, four years old, squirms on her pink hospital bed, covering her face with her hands as if I cannot see her that way. When she thinks I’m not looking, she peeks up at me between her fingers and I give her a quick smile. She smiles back, and then immediately rolls over, hiding from me and my colleague.

Syria's Children: A Damaged Generation

By Daryl Grisgraber

This post originally appeared on The Hill's Congress Blog.

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