The Forgotten Victims of the Nagorno Karabakh Conflict

By Guest

As sad and overwhelming as they may be, some experiences make you say, “I am glad I was there to witness it.” Meeting with the refugees and IDPs affected by the Nagorno Karabakh conflict was that kind of an experience for me.

Syrian Refugee Crisis: The View From the Turkish Border

By Michel Gabaudan

This post originally appeared in the Huffington Post.

There are now roughly 200,000 Syrian refugees in 17 camps throughout southeastern Turkey, and this week a Refugees International team visited one such camp in Kilis Province.

Syria's First Responders Need Our Help

By Daryl Grisgraber

This post originally appeared at The Hill's Congress Blog.

Two nights ago, my Refugees International colleagues and I paid a visit to a cramped apartment on the Turkish-Syrian border. Dr. Najjar, a Syrian physician, showed us various types of medical equipment he had gathered over the past week. They will be sent into a northern Syria province in the coming days to resupply hospitals and clinics.

UN’s New Solution for Congo Not Without Risk

By Caelin Briggs

A few minutes ago, the United Nations Security Council unanimously approved the creation of an “intervention brigade” within the UN Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo (MONUSCO).

The resolution passed despite a good deal of skepticism on the part of many Council members, and it’s unclear whether the Council is prepared for the potential humanitarian fallout.

Syrians Falling Through Cracks as Refugee Crisis Grinds On

By Marc Hanson

This post originally appeared on The Hill's Congress Blog.

Last week in Iraqi Kurdistan, two solemn anniversaries were being commemorated: the chemical weapons attack on Halabja 25 years ago and the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003. However, there was another anniversary that went largely unnoticed: the second anniversary of the conflict in Syria.

My Journey to Dadaab

By Mark Yarnell

This post originally appeared at The Refugee.

When the Kenyan government announced in December last year that all Somali refugees living in cities must move to the Dadaab refugee camp, I made plans to visit that camp. I wanted to see the place that was already home to hundreds of thousands of Somalis, and where the government planned to pack in thousands more.

Syria: Towards a More Effective Response

By Daryl Grisgraber

Starting today, my colleague Marc Hanson and I will be in the Middle East to continue our field research on the situation of Syrian refugees. 

RI first looked at this crisis a year ago in Lebanon, when the number of refugees there was relatively small and assistance was distributed largely through local authorities and host families. No one expected the crisis to take on the proportions that it has since, nor last so long.

In Burma, Rohingya Face a New Threat: Flooding

By Refugees International

By Isabel Rutherfurd, Refugees International Intern

Speaking to Burmese in Yangon last December, I heard a lot of cautious optimism and relief about the reforms inspired by the government’s transition to democracy.

S. Sudan Must Protect Civilians During Pibor Offensive

By Caelin Briggs

The South Sudanese army (SPLA) is preparing this week to launch a major military offensive in Jonglei State against rebel leader David Yau Yau. The new operation comes after multiple failed attempts to convince Yau Yau to cease hostilities in the region.

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