2010 Jackson Hole Circle


March 2010 marked the seven-year anniversary of the Iraq War and the thirty-year anniversary of the signing of the Refugee Act of 1980, a landmark law that established the U.S. refugee admissions and asylum system. Today, as we celebrate World Refugee Day, over 20% of the Iraqi population is in need of humanitarian assistance. The needs of refugees and internally displaced persons will persist - and potentially intensify - as the U.S. military withdraws.

This event will highlight the plight of displaced Iraqis, and the continuing responsibility of the United States and the international community to help meet their basic needs and support efforts to enable them to return home should they choose. It is also an opportunity to discuss steps to protect Iraqi and other refugees resettling in the United States.

There is no charge to attend this event, but Refugees International does depend on the generous support of individuals, as we do not accept government or UN funding. Please consider making our lifesaving advocacy one of your charitable priorities.