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Tell Congress to Support the Victims of Somalia’s Famine

Twelve million people have been affected by the drought in the Horn of Africa and a quarter of Somalia’s population has been displaced. Urge your member of Congress to co-sponsor the resolution that calls on the U.S. government to continue humanitarian assistance, or thank them if they have done so.

Help resolve the world’s worst humanitarian crisis

More than ten million people are now affected by the drought throughout the Horn of Africa. People are burying their children as they walk to find water. Farmers have lost all their livestock. Please help us ensure that increased aid is available and effectively given to people in desperate need.

Save Lives, Give a Gift with Meaning

Your donation directly supports Refugee International's work, helping millions of displaced people worldwide gain access to food, water, shelter, and protection.  Help us remain a powerful and independent voice for lifesaving action.

Prevent Climate Displacement

In just 40 years, as many as 200 million people worldwide could be displaced by natural disasters and climate change. As we witnessed with the recent devastating floods in Pakistan, the consequences of ignoring climate change are too costly.

Urge Congress to Pass the International Violence Against Women Act

The U.S. must improve the effectiveness of its programs to prevent violence against women, promote services for survivors and hold perpetrators accountable.

Obama: Be "Responsible" Toward Displaced Iraqis

1.5 million Iraqis remain displaced inside their own country, 500,000 of whom live as squatters in slums without access to basic needs like food, water, security and education for their children.