What We Do

Refugees International’s Women & Girls Program is committed to holding the United Nations, humanitarian actors, donor nations, and host governments accountable on meeting the diverse needs of women displaced by conflict and crises.
RI strives to identify the most vulnerable refugee and IDP groups and work for the adoption and implementation of policies by the US government, the EU, individual governments and particularly the UN to address basic human rights and humanitarian needs.
A comprehensive immigration reform bill now before the Senate includes unprecedented protections for stateless people in the United States. This follows months of advocacy on Capitol Hill by RI Statelessness Program Manager Sarnata Reynolds.



Refugees International believes the international community must do more to address the humanitarian needs of Myanmar’s 55 million people in the absence of political progress.
The Democratic Republic of the Congo faces ongoing conflict in the east. More than two million people have been internally displaced.
Somalia has been engulfed in conflict since the Siade Barre regime collapsed in 1991, and many of its citizens have been displaced ever since.